Connecting to the grid in Sweden

How to get electricity on an empty plot in Sweden

There are (were) no services in my plot of land. No water, no sewage and no electricity. I had read that it can take a long time to get connected and builders need it. So it was one of the first things to establish.

Getting connected to the grid

EON is the main provider in Sweden, they deal with the grid. So you need to check with them where the nearest electrified area is and depending on how far you are away, they will quote you for getting your plot connected. When I bought my plot, it came with a note saying that the nearest electrified area was the neighbour 200m down the road, along with an estimated price – so it was not too tricky.

However, EON decided to take the time to upgrade the whole village from overhead cables to underground. Causing the whole village to be dug up and to my surprise a new substation nearby. More reliable service, you’re welcome neighbours.

In order to put in a request for getting connected to the grid, you need to find a local electrician who can send the request to EON. This is unfortunately not something you’re able to do yourself.

It may take a while

From contacting a local electrician to getting a cable on the land, a box with 3 phase 60v fuses, an active electricity subscription with EON and cables dug to where the house foundations will be it took almost 1,5 years. Had I been pushier, it could probably have been done faster, but I would recommend anyone with a similar project to get started before they need it.

The grey metering box on the land

Once you have a request with EON you will get a case number that can be typed in and follow the status on their website. As a Swedish resident, you would be able to log in, but as a foreigner, that’s not an option.

Here is what it looks like on their platform:

Electricity application for EON
EON will give you a case number you can use to keep track of the status of the work. It looks like the above. This was a big help when the electrician was either slow or not responding.

What the electrician needs from you

In order for an electrician to put in an order with EON, they need the following information:

  • Phone number
  • Fastighetsbeteckning (Plot ID)
  • Address of the plot (My plot did/does not have one yet)
  • Personal number and home address

What does it cost to get connected to the grid?

The cost of getting electricity on a plot of land will be split into two:

  • The price for EON to do their part of the work
  • The price for the local electrician to carry out their work
  • Once the project is finished you will have to pay a monthly/annual fee for an electricity subscription

On my land, the final cost for both was just about 45000 SEK.


  • Be careful, some work will be carried out by a local contractor and not be part of the EON quote, and think carefully where you put the grey cable box: not too close to the house, not too far away from your pumphouse for water.
  • You cannot log on to the EON portal without a Swedish ID.
  • You will be billed monthly from the day you connect to the grid. There’s a monthly subscription cost, even if you do not use any power.
  • Get a fixed quote from the electrician, including digging the cables if needed as it will otherwise be an extra unexpected cost.

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